Luxury Villas Lanka
Caring for your home when you are away
We may be classified as house / property watcher, house checker, caretaker, home service provider.

 Irrespective of the title, our services include scheduled inspections of "homes / properties " while the owner is away or not.
These inspections include a basic check of plumbing, electrical, and the overall condition of the home and property.

If you need a
• reliable & experienced service provider to lease/ rent your home
• manage & maintain your home for you
We are the right company for you.

Features and Benefits when partnering with Luxury Villas...

Personalized Attention.
• an unprecedented level of personal involvement.
• assist your tenants to assure a smooth transition to move in / holiday.
• Contactable 24 hours a day : On email , voice mail & mobile.
• Your home Listed Free of Charge for maximum exposure.

Attention to Detail
• Computerized monthly reports and complete monthly accounting to keep you informed of all expenditure & income.
• Professional Follow-Up
• Carry out all maintenance (if & when required) promptly using professional, skilled and reliable personal.
• Evaluate and assess responsibility for any damages that may occur, then examine all repair work and approve invoices.
• Get you the best estimates to match quality of work.
• Assist in maximizing your home`s investment potential.

Customized Services
• Your situation is as unique as your home.
• If you prefer to manage your home yourself, but want the convenience and security of having us source renters / tenants and execute leases.